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Most Recent – 20/11/21 Futurity Race 2021

As you are aware this year’s race turned out to be ‘awful’ with lots of birds missing.
Mistakes were made that should not have been made for which I can only offer my apologies.
A lot of fanciers are saying they will not compete in future futurity races. To them I would suggest that they think again. This is the first time that we have got it wrong, and we will endeavour to ensure the same mistakes do not happen again.
Rings are ordered for 2022 and we will be running a futurity race next year, we ask that you continue to support this race.
If you wish to become involved in helping improve the futurity race, then let us know who you are.
This year’s race paid out over £24,000 this is not the sort of prize money we should be ending.
Any enquiries through the Union Office for rings please.

Yours sincerely

W J Snowdon, President NEHU

05/10/21:  Futurity Race Result Futurity Breeder Buyer Result

20/09/21 : To the members of the NEHU

Due to covid 19 restrictions still in place at Temple Park Leisure Centre we have had to cancel the Nehu show. The NEHU presentation will still go ahead on Friday 5th November at the Little Haven Hotel.

Mr Kevin Sample has been appointed as the NEHU secretary and will take up his position on the 4th of October 2021. A big thank you to the outgoing secretary Mr David Power for all his time in post.

Yours sincerely

W J Snowdon, President NEHU

30/06/21  Nehu Queens cup 2021 will be flown from Eastbourne on Saturday 24th July

20/05/21 Annual Maintenance Shutdown of the MSF Service

Please note that the Anthorn transmitter will be undergoing scheduled maintenance daily between 08:00 – 20:00 from the 17th of May to the 4th of June..

Officials are reminded to obtain a radio clock signal prior to 08:00 am to enable race marking and clock checking to take place that day.

This outage affects all manufacturers systems – the only exception is those using a GPS receiver (some, but not all Clubs on Bricon).

Please ensure all Clubs and Feds are aware of this so the responsible officials are aware of their responsibility to ensure they are using the correct time signal from the Anthorn transmitter.

Manual setting should only ever be used when the signal is not available due to an unscheduled outage, not during scheduled outages for maintenance reasons.

21/04/21  APHA form changed to .doc format (from .docx) so older systems can open it

20/04/21 APHA Form added to Forms page


Applications are invited for the position of


The Office is based in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Applicants must have good Office Administration, Communication/IT skills, including Payroll and Financial Accounts.

Hours 32.5 per week.

Salary to be confirmed.

Please apply for Application Form to be returned by no later than 28th May 2021 to:

Mr W J Snowdon (President)
58 Ennerdale Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
Tel 0191 2625440
e-mail uk

01/04/21: Distribution: Racing Organisations

I write to inform you that there is a strong possibility for the immediate future that we will not be allowed to fly our birds from Europe.
Until we can hopefully resolve the situation, I would strongly suggest that you look for alternative race points in this country.
We would welcome any ideas for the “Queens Cup” race.

John Snowdon President (01/04/2021)


03/03/21:  Due to Avian Influenza we cannot train, race, hold breeder/ buyer sales or hold any gathering of pigeons. This will be the situation until such time that Defra issue a General Licence lifting the current restrictions due to bird flu. Only when Defra have lifted their restrictions will we be able to follow the Governments road map to start racing our birds which hopefully will allow us to start training from the 29th March 2021.

It should then from the 12th April 2021 be possible to commence Pigeon Racing in England. Marking must take place outside and not more than 6 people can be at the Marking Station at any one time (this includes the people marking the pigeons).  Members, therefore, should be given times to arrive at the Marking Stations and should leave once their birds have been race marked and put in the basket.

The 17th May 2021 sees the number of people increasing to 30 and hopefully the opening of some Pubs and Clubs and for us to get back to normal marking.  However, until the 17th May several pigeon Clubs, who mark at a Pub or Club, may need to find temporary new Marking Stations as Pubs and Clubs will remain closed except for outdoor hospitality. Clubs may choose to basket together but whatever you decide please inform your Race Organisation where you are getting picked up as soon as possible.

Last year the NEHU relaxed the rules for marking and vaccinating of pigeons due to Covid – 19. From the 17th May 2021 we will revert to ‘’Rule’’ for marking pigeons. The vaccinating of young birds will also revert to ‘’Rule’’ immediately.

 Please wear masks and keep to social distancing.

 John Snowdon President (03/03/2021)

13/02/21 Avian flu latest –

11/02/21 Covid, Meetings and Racing Letter

04/02/21 FUT FLYER

10/01/21 Open letter from the President -> WJS open letter

11/12/20 Covid Letter from the President -> COVID- 19 WJS LETTER

16/09/20 Online Transfer now available

16/09/20 Amended FUT BB

08/09/20  FUT results added

11/08/20  Show and NWHU updates

Due to Covid 19 the North of England Homing Union has been forced to cancel this years’ Show and Presentation evening.
We would like to thank the Sponsors, Stall Holders and the fancy for all their past support.

Mr W J Snowdon
NEHU President



This is a follow up on the earlier one relating to the unfortunate situation with Terry Dawber.

I’ve been informed by Terry’s family that he is showing signs of improvement, after complications with pneumonia and is heading in the right direction but his recovery is going to take some time.

Vice President Robert Owen has stepped up and has taken on the NWHU secretary role and moved quickly to established fresh communications links. Which has enabled the NWHU to continue its support to its members the general public and the fancy.

Please could I ask that you amend your records with regards contact details for the NWHU to the following.

North West Homing Union

Mr Robert Owen (NWHU Vice President)

6 Ellerslie Avenue, Rainhill, Prescot, Merseyside l35 4QD.

Email Address:

Telephone No: 07933068638

Contact times 10:00 am to 18:00 PM.

Also note these details have been added to the NWHU website, a call divert service has been established, with Terry’s daughter Mandy continuing to help forward any postal mail until the new arrangements become widely embedded. On behalf of the management committee of the NWHU I would like to express our thanks for your support during this unfortunate situation.

Terry Phifer

North West Homing Union President


05/08/20 Amended NEHU FUTURITY RACE 2020

WHITLEY BAY O.I.C ALAN KELLY 07732557082 12.30 TO 2.15 PICK UP 2.30

SOUTH SHIELDS O.I.C JOHN SODERLUND 07905272096 12.00 TO 2.30 PICKUP 3.00

SPENNYMOOR O.I.C BOB GRIMLEY 07434789631 1.45 TO 3.30 PICK UP 3.45

HORDEN O.I.C BRIAN CARTRIDGE 07596023855 2.00 TO 3.45 PICK UP 4.00

STOCKTON O.I.C STEVE WHEATLEY 07776185776 2.00 TO 4.15 PICK UP 4.30



01/08/20  Amended QC Roye result

23/05/20  Guidelines for Race Marking due to Covid – 19


The impact ‘’Covid – 19’’ has had on us is hugely affecting our lives, families, work and our sport. There is an expectation that the Government will on the 1st June 2020 ease their restrictions moving us into ‘’phase 2’’ of lockdown. That is when we can start racing. Racing will start once the restrictions are eased further by the Government.
Creating guidelines for unknown parameters can prove problematic but these guidelines are issued with good intentions and one or two assumptions and may need to be changed once we know the Government’s plans.
Members will have to make their own minds up whether they wish to race considering the risk of contacting Covid-19. Members over 70 and those with health issues are particularly vulnerable. These guidelines are issued with the intention of keeping everyone safe but come with no guarantee. It is up to every member to play their part, if feeling unwell or believe they have had contact with the virus then they should not attend any Marking Station.

Marking Stations

Marking should take place outdoors as there is less risk of infection.
Clubs need to establish very quickly if they can use their existing Marking Station, as some Social Clubs and Pubs are closed. If they are not able to use their existing Marking Station, then they need to make alternative arrangements and inform their Race Organisation immediately.
Each Marking Station must appoint a designated ‘’Marking Team’’ of 3 persons, none of them should be in the ‘’vulnerable group’’ (over 70 or health issues). The designated Marking Team will mark all the birds and put them in the baskets, including their own. (I am aware of the Union rules on this matter, but we need to cut down the number of people in contact with each other and trust one another). The Marking Team should observe the 2-metre rule where possible.
The Marking Team will also load the baskets onto the transporter.
Members will indirectly hand their birds and clocks over to the Marking Team by placing them on the ground and walking away from the Marking Station. Members must remain at least 2 metres away from other fanciers or better still sit in their cars. Alternatively, Clubs can allocate specific times to its members to attend.
Once their birds are marked, they can indirectly collect their empty baskets and clocks and any paperwork. Payments should be for the exact amount of money and placed in an envelope.
Once a member’s pigeons have been processed then they must leave the Marking Station.
At all times face masks and gloves must be worn and hand cleanser used.


Race Organisations should where possible provide a driver and helper to load the baskets into the racks. They must be inside the transporter before loading the baskets take place. As the driver and helper will be employees of the Race Organisation then it will be up to the Race Organisation to ensure that they meet Government guidelines on work practice.
The Marking Team will lift the baskets onto the back of the transporter, they must not enter the back of the transporter. They will always follow the instructions of the driver and helper and keep social distances.
Face mask and gloves to be worn always.
The ‘’dropping off’’ of baskets will be in reverse of the above although could involve a different team.

Opening Clocks

The ‘’Clock Station’’ should be outside.
Members should indirectly hand over their clocks to a designated ‘’Clock Committee’’ of not more than 2 people and remove themselves from the Clock Station until called to indirectly collect their clock. Once their clock has been taken off then they should leave the Clock Station. Results can be forwarded later. Again, the Clock Committee can take their own clocks off. (It is about trust and reducing the risk of infection)
Face masks and gloves must be worn.

Please note these guidelines may need to change when the Government ease their restrictions.

John Snowdon (President) 21/05/2020


21/05/20  Pigeon Racing

To all members of the NEHU

As from Saturday 6th June 2020, NEHU members will be allowed to commence pigeon racing. This is dependent upon the Government moving to Stage 2 on easing their restrictions.

For our members living in Scotland they will unfortunately not be able to race until the Scottish Government allow them.

Once restrictions are eased, members will be expected to follow NEHU guidelines on marking their pigeons.

Stay Alert and Safe

John Snowdon (President) 20th May 2020

19/05/20  Team Training

Members will be allowed to privately train their pigeon together under the following conditions:

The driver of the vehicle must stay inside the cab when a fancier places their birds inside the vehicle.
There should only be one fancier at the collecting point. No other fancier to be near the collecting point until the previous fancier has left (otherwise could be construed as a gathering).
Fanciers should wear gloves when putting their birds into a vehicle (to stop possible contamination from previous fancier and then use hand cleanser).
The driver, once everybody has placed their birds inside the vehicle and left the collecting point, should check the loading of the baskets, wearing gloves always and using hand cleanser.
Any payments should be placed in an envelope for the correct amount and left in the vehicle with their birds.

These guidelines do not apply to transporters.

Stay Alert and Safe

John Snowdon (President) 18th May 2020


13/05/20    Training of Pigeons

As from Wednesday 13th May 2020 members will be allowed to train their Pigeons. Members must still train on their own but are able to take one other person’s birds with them should they wish observing the 2-metre rule when collecting birds.

Unfortunately for our members living in Scotland they are still not allowed to train their birds due to the Scottish Government adopting a different position to that taken by the U.K. Government

We still at this time do not know when racing will begin but are monitoring the situation and will inform you as soon as it changes.

Stay Alert and Safe.

John Snowdon (President)


20/04/20  Message from the President

NEHU Vaccination

We have had a few enquires with regards to the vaccination of Young Birds. Under the current Government Guidelines, it is not possible to carry out vaccination under NEHU rules. Therefore, for this ‘’season only’’ members will be permitted to vaccinate their young birds themselves. They must however provide proof of vaccine should it be required.

For those members who are unable to vaccinate on their own they could basket their birds and leave them for someone else to do so on their behalf.

We are in a unique situation and need to get through this the best way we can.

Please stay safe and a reminder to let you know the Office is open for business but not for visitors (staff will have to work from home at times).

Yours in sport,

John Snowdon (President)


26/03/20:                       Coronavirus

To All Members of the NEHU

In a joint statement with the Confederation the NEHU has agreed that all pigeon racing will be suspended until the 23rd May 2020 at which time the situation will be reviewed.

Sadly, this means that will be no Racing, Meetings, Training of Pigeons or Gatherings between members. Members on allotment sites should only attend their pigeons singly and follow the Governments advice and stand two metres apart should they meet other allotment holders.

The situation we find ourselves in is to put it bluntly “awful” and we do not know when this will end and how this will affect us, our Race Organisations and the sport going into the future.

We have put the NEHU office in ‘lock down’ and ask members not to come to the Office but phone, E – mail or use the post.

Members must listen to the Governments advice and keep themselves safe and ignore the handful of members who know better than anybody else.

Hopefully, with your support we will get through this crisis and get back to Racing Pigeons.

John Snowdon (President}
25th March 2020



On receiving important public health advice, Mr W J Snowdon, President, has recommended that racing be postponed until Saturday 18th April 2020.

ALL Breeder/Buyer Sales are to be cancelled.

Only official staff will be allowed in to the NEHU Office


28/05/19 Reminder of rules:
Vaccination against Paramyxovirus should be carried out to EEC Regulations.  All pigeons that are used for racing, showing or training must be vaccinated.  A DEFRA approved vaccine must be used in accordance with vaccine manufacturer’s instructions.  Pigeons must be vaccinated at least 28 days before racing, showing or training for immunity to take effect.  Vaccination must be witnessed by a Club or Federation Official or a Veterinary Surgeon who will sign the Vaccination Certificate on the front of the Vaccination Sheet.  They must also sign the Vaccination Sheet after the last pigeon recorded on the Vaccination Sheet.

  1. The original copy of the Vaccination Certificate should be retained by the Club and a certified true copy lodged with the members Federation and any other Clubs they are members of.  These Vaccination Certificates should be held for two years.
  2. All Old birds intended for racing, showing or training must be vaccinated by the 1st
  3. All Young birds intended for racing, showing or training must be vaccinated by 1st
  4. Any birds vaccinated after these dates must be recorded on a separate Vaccination Sheet and cannot be raced, showed or trained for 28 days.
  5. It is recommended that all pigeons be vaccinated against Paramyxovirus and that only Licensed vaccines be used: Colombovac Pmv   Nobilis Paramyxo P201  Colombovac Pmv/Pox

08/05/19  Centenary Race Details

01/05/19  Aquarius Communications have withdrawn the lib line service.

12/04/19 – 2 messages
See 01/05/19 note above. Organisations who use Lib Line services should seek alternative means to record liberation information until further notice.

2) Please note as from the 1st March 2019 East Coast Software have ceased trading and no more updates will be available for their software. Mysoft are currently working with them and any enquiries regarding their software should be directed to who can advise on any issues and steps to be taken to ensure users can continue to get results out to their members”

The annual maintenance shutdown of the MSF service to allow safe working on the masts and antennas will take place between 7 – 23 May 2019.
The service will be off-air from:
08:00 to 18:00 BST each day, including weekends.
If the weather is unsuitable for work to be carried out, then the service will not be turned off. If the work is completed sooner than 18:00 BST on any day, the service will be restored as soon as possible.
The MSF radio signal is a dedicated time broadcast that provides an accurate and reliable source of UK civil time, based on the NPL time scale UTC(NPL).

25/03/19  Secretary’s Report 23rd March 2019

22/03/19  All Federation Secretaries:

Please forward your Federations ring requirements for 2020 to the NEHU Office at your earliest convenience, preferably no later than 5th April 2019.  If you do not notify the NEHU Office by this date then we will have no alternative other than to order the same number of rings that your Federation ordered in 2019.

This information is very important to ensure the NEHU Office is not left with rings at the end of the year as this is at a cost to NEHU members, your co-operation would greatly be appreciated.

28/02/19 Reminder of rules:

58.  All Clubs and Federations wishing to run Breeder Buyer / Ring Schemes must apply for a licence from the union office and must produce a copy of the rules. These competitions can only be run by NEHU affiliated organisations and the organiser must be a member of that organisation.  In the case of Breeder Buyer competitions these rules must be presented to and read out to competitors prior to the first bird being sold.


After a meeting between the NEHU Office and AHPO your attention is brought to the following:
Any Clubs/Feds organising shows are reminded DEFRA should be advised that they are holding a gathering and the conditions of the general license must be complied with as to bio security etc. by the organisers and all entrants.
Each competitor must also fill in a copy of the health declaration filled in each week of the young bird season to confirm the pigeons entered are healthy and the loft is free of disease.


NEHU members are reminded that life rings from Unions outside the British Isles must be registered at the North of England Homing Union office.
The original ring card and EEC Health Certificate must be sent to the NEHU Office along with the request for registration along with a stamped addressed envelope.
Please be aware “foreign” rings purchased from the internet etc. will not be accepted for registration.


24/01/2018: a few notes-
1) Loft alterations/extensions – members extending lofts/adding aviaries to the front will require to be re-measured at their own cost.
All loft locations within the NEHU are calculated with hand held GPS to the agreed formula and extending a loft/adding an additional loft affects the loft location which then impacts upon distances.

2) Use of prohibited substances
Ignorance is no defence. All members are reminded to check with the supplier of any product they administer it is doping free.

3) Vaccination
Members are advised that two elected officials must witness vaccination and sign the certificate submitted to each Club/Fed etc.

4) All puncture clocks were withdrawn from use at the January General Council of the NEHU, don’t waste time and effort 3 way testing obsolete clocks!

5) Subscriptions are £12 per partner for 2018 season. This is an increase of £1 on 2017 to cover the decreased income from subscriptions and ring sales due to loss of members.

11/1/2018.  Could all club secretaries please check their rings on delivery as we have had some reports of the year being 2017 instead of 2018.  Please contact the NEHU office for replacements.


14/12/2017: Save the pigeon sport from bird flu

PLEASE NOTE – The liberation within an 8 mile radius of the following aerodromes is FORBIDDEN:
Belfast (International and City)
Bournemouth (Hurn)
Bristol (Lulsgate)
Doncaster Sheffield (Robin Hood)
Durham Tees Valley
East Midlands
Humberside (Hull)
Leeds (Bradford)
Liverpool (John Lennon)
Manchester (Barton)

Additional information on notifying airfields

20/07/2016 – Stray Centre details:

UNC Stray Centre – Graham Campbell
Sappers Corner Garage
TS25 2EJ
07516 538131

WDA Stray Centre – Denise Walton
c/o 26 Newton Cap Bank
Bishop Auckland
Co. Durham
DL14 7PX
01388 329731

Forms and older results are still available in the old members area here

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