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Dormanstown HS    V  North Yorkshire Fed

The appeal committee  found in favour of north Yorkshire Federation

Most Recent 11/03/2022


There is no reason that the NEHU can find ,that will prevent members from racing their pigeons because of  Bird Flu , should situations change then we will inform the membership

John Snowdon

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Hours of darkness to be lighting up times for Berwick

2021 Futurity race section A    Prize money

this will be shared between birds entered by section A members

02/02/22; Futurity 2022

The race to be from approximately 260 miles to the centre of organisations.
This to be flown the week after Organisations have flown their YB Nationals.
The race is to be a one-day race which will close as per the lighting up time for Berwick.
The birds would be race marked Friday for Saturday or Saturday for Sunday.
If due to bad weather, there was no race possible Saturday or Sunday then race to be put back one week.
There is to be no liberation after 10.00am.
If birds held over and there is no chance of a liberation on the 2nd day, then the birds to be moved to Chelmsford.
The decision to basket will be put out at 6pm on Thursday to basket Friday or 6pm Friday to basket Saturday, this will be voted on by the 7 committee members.
A line of flight and vote from the committee on the liberation to be taken before liberation.
Transportation to go to tender with conveyer and helper.
Marking stations will be confirmed upon ring sales in each section.
Breeder Buyer Sales to be online in groups of 20, starting date for these March the 1st.
There is to be a nomination Gold ring scheme incorporated up to 5 rings per loft @ £25 per ring.
These Gold ring nominations to be in by and paid before 1st young bird race.
Prize fund split 50/25/15/10.
Example 100 rings £2500 Split £1250/£625/£375/£250.
Anyone not happy with moving race point and date of race can have ring money back less £1.00 admin fee.
Yours in Sport.
K. D. Sample

02/02/22:  FUTURITY 2021

Ladies & Gents, we would again like to apologize for the race last year,
no one person was responsible, but ultimately mistakes were made, which involved several people having not checked to confirm, that there was a conveyor and helper for security. There was no line of flight or anyone to check on weather status at various points on flight path.
No report was produced to enlighten the fanciers what attributed to such a bad race and a late publication of the race result itself.
All in all, this was not acceptable for the investment people had in the race, more so the loss of some very good birds.
Again, I can only apologize for these mistakes made.

Having formed a new committee for 2022, I hope you continue to support the race. We shall now inform people as soon as any information comes available as to not make these mistakes again, in short not to let the same thing happen again.
Now there is quite a lot of rings sold already but we hope this goes a little way in reassuring you it will be again a good race and that there is still plenty time and rings available to anyone fancying having a go at a good distance race for youngsters approx. 260 miles to center of NEHU.
Yours in Sport.
K. D. Sample
Secretary NEHU


20/11/21 Futurity Race 2021

As you are aware this year’s race turned out to be ‘awful’ with lots of birds missing.
Mistakes were made that should not have been made for which I can only offer my apologies.
A lot of fanciers are saying they will not compete in future futurity races. To them I would suggest that they think again. This is the first time that we have got it wrong, and we will endeavour to ensure the same mistakes do not happen again.
Rings are ordered for 2022 and we will be running a futurity race next year, we ask that you continue to support this race.
If you wish to become involved in helping improve the futurity race, then let us know who you are.
This year’s race paid out over £24,000 this is not the sort of prize money we should be ending.
Any enquiries through the Union Office for rings please.

Yours sincerely

W J Snowdon, President NEHU

05/10/21:  Futurity Race Result Futurity Breeder Buyer Result


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