We've introduced some changes so that the maintenance of the web site, and some office practices, are more efficient in the future.

One of the new processes we have is the ability to report stray pigeons on this web site. This will provide a better service, with greatly reduced costs and less work for the office. For this reason we are now asking members to enter their email details below. Please enter a ring number that belongs to you and is in the system (so not a new registration or recent transfer as the data here may not be fully up to date) and your email address. If you don't have your own email address then consider asking a relative or friend (or your club secretary) if they would accept emails on your behalf and pass the information on to you. When you click on Submit the system will send the details we have on you to the email address you have just provided. We will then add your email to the main system in the office.

Please spread the word so we can have as many people as possible able to receive the lost bird reports by email.

Thank you

Note - this form is only for members to record their email address, it is NOT for reporting stray pigeons as some people have been doing. To report a stray pigeon click here

Please enter a ring number belonging to you

(There is a daily update routine every evening so you won't be able to do this between 18:15 and 18:30)

First part will be 'NEHU'
Then the year, e.g. 2013
Next is the Federation, e.g. AA
Finally the number, e.g. 1234
Please confirm email (we ask you to do this as we want to be sure your email is correct so that you receive a reply)